Parent Information

Parent Information

Our goal at Syracuse Fusion is not only to help your children become better soccer players, but better humans. We encourage our athletes to not focus purely on soccer, but to play other sports as well. We want the kids to enjoy every second on the field, win or loss.

Our coaching staff is firm in our belief the best athletes PLAY sports, they don't work them. When sport becomes more work than play, athletes struggle and if they cannot get back to just playing instead of working, they eventually burn out and quit whatever sport they are playing. From youth sports to professionals, when the game stops becoming fun, performance level goes down.

Players and coaches alike need the support of the parents in order to build a healthy learning environment. Parents need to trust the coaches know what they're doing in managing children both on and off the field. All of our coaches played at a high level in both club and school soccer and have an extensive knowledge of the game.

Fall Outdoor - Due September 1st
Indoor 1st Session - Due November 1st
Indoor 2nd Session - Due February 1st
Spring Outdoor - Due May 1st

​If you're not sure how much you owe or you would like to set up a payment plan please contact:

Michelle Detota
​Syracuse Fusion Club Manager