We are supportive of developing multiple sport athletes during the early stages of their youth. We believe we have an obligation to develop each player to have values in leadership, team building, sportsmanship and citizenship. They experience how to win and lose. Players learn how to prepare themselves as an athlete (hydration, proper stretching, proper rest and conditioning) for training sessions, league games, tournament weekends etc.... Players learn over time the importance of the development of speed, stamina, agility, physical strength, and endurance (all very important in the game of soccer or any sport). Our focus is to take a group of players at a young age (i.e. U8, U9) and continue with the same group of players through U19. We, by no means look for short term results for the ego of our coaching staff. We will always make decisions for the development of each player and the long term result. We apply the appropriate level of weekly, monthly and annual exposure to the sport at the appropriate age. We develop players to compete at an extremely high level and in most circumstances play them up in age to keep the appropriate level of competitive pressure on them throughout their early development years. This results in the players ability to perform their technical skills at a much higher speed. We do not recruit or foster superstar players as our means to win at all cost. We stress teamwork and being a good teammate. We look at the individual development of a player to move the player up or down based on ability. We want players to look forward to attending practices, games, camps and tournaments. This is typically fostered by time away from the game. We want players to have time to:

  • Spend time with the ball alone in their environment
  • Work on their own creativity
  • Organize neighborhood games

We would love to see the players have the same passion for the game in their adult years. We strive over time for them to be extremely skilled, strong, smart and contribute to their high school or college programs. We look forward to our players participating in college showcases from U16-U19 and having the ability to show their individual "soccer ability" on the field at an extremely high level. Our reward is the ability to watch those who choose to perform across the college landscape later in life. If they come back and visit with a "hug and a smile", then we feel our staff has done our job.